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How You Can Help!


If you cannot be present at one of our events,  you can be present with your donation of funds, no matter if it is a small or a large amount.  We are a 501(c)(3) IRS designated Charitable Organization and your gift is tax deductible to your business or organization.  We also accept goods/services, and are always in need of items for our homeless veterans population, and for giveaway goodie bags at our feedings.  Your donation of what a cup of coffee might cost can provide a meal and conversation to one of our great men and women who may feel forgotten.


Our organization relies heavily on the generosity and involvement of people like you, with every contribution going towards making FEED A MILLION VETERANS an even better non-profit organization than it already is. Support our efforts any way you can - all contributions and volunteers are appreciated. Contact us for more specifics about getting involved to assist with one of our feedings, individual outreaches , writing stories, taking photos, and/or making phone calls from home, or donations of goods/services. 


Whether it’s feeding 20 homeless veterans or 2000, our events are a great way  to support, and have fun while doing it.  Our events are a great way to build relationships, and to feel a connection with our cause. Our events provide significant "face time" with veterans who have amazing stories to share, and who have so selflessly served our country for people like you and me. Sometimes just being there is enough to show you care. These events can also be used for Civic and Honor Society Organizational credits as well.



Subscribe today and learn about our events and how we feed our veterans.  The newsletter will give a monthly recap on all the veterans that we helped. Join us today.

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