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Pallets For Veterans Program

Helping others help themselves:

Currently we do not receive any government funding. We choose to put in the work and the benefits will come. Our goal is always to teach a Veteran to fish so he/she can fish for life. Pallets for Veterans will provide much needed jobs for veterans. 

About Pallets for Veterans


The pallets for Veterans program is an innovative idea that Feed a Million Veterans has initiated to help feed homeless veterans and give them a sense of pride.  Essentially, we are asking companies to donate 10% of their pallets to this program, and the veterans will pick up, load, and refurbish them.  Those that do not require refurbishing will be sold to a distribution company, and the proceeds will go directly into the ministry for the Veterans services. This will also help to fund Commercial Driving License (CDL) tutoring for Veterans to provide a sustainable job training and career.  The Veterans who pick up, load, and deliver will also receive a stipend of financial support. Those companies donating will receive a fair market value tax write off for goods. 

​How Our Program Works

We ask that each month your company will donate at least 10% of your pallets to our nonprofit and we will give you a tax write off. We operate as a service under 411MAG Ministries and are an IRS designated 501(C)3 Non-Profit Organization. We will schedule a monthly pick up, count the pallets, load and issue a donation receipt each month with the number of pallets donated.


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